Products – Ambulances, Fire Trucks, Conversions and Emergency Equipment

Braun Ambulances – Built for Life

Standard welded all aluminum interior cabinets, multiplex electrical system, sliding door, back-up camera, LED’s and many other “Standards” that others call “Options” or do not even offer at all.  Braun specializes in Custom handcrafted ambulances that can offer everything from their Patriot (ambulance/fire/rescue vehicle) on a custom chassis to their price conscious Signature Series and Express. Manufacturing custom, quality ambulances since 1972, family-owned and operated. Providing Innovations such as SolidBody™ Construction and EZ Glide™ Door make Braun custom ambulances the best in the world. Braun is located in Van Wert, Ohio and we highly suggest that Departments/Services in Michigan visit Braun to understand the construction process and what makes a Braun module the strongest in the industry.  Kodiak Emergency Vehicles is proud to have Braun as our premier ambulance builder.

Demers Ambulances – Your Safety is Our Calling

Demers will never compromise. In saving lives, there is no “good enough”. That’s why their ambulances are designed for safety and come loaded with innovative features that help providers excel at their job. Their testing exceeds North American safety standards and they provide the lowest cost of ownership in the industry.  The Demers Ambulance offers a lot of standard options, such as their EcoSmart technology, aerodynamic and light weight designs, and no use of wood in their ambulance body.  The Demers Ambulance body is engineered, built, and tested like the processes Ford and GM use versus one-off, cell-built bodies and offer us a new era of ambulance design.  Representing the Demers ambulance allows Kodiak Emergency Vehicles to offer all EMS providers in Michigan a great product, that helps reduce overall costs, and at a great price. –

Osage Ambulances – Dedicated to providing superior customer experiences

Best Value and High Quality ambulance on the market.  Osage offers its customers the ability to start with a lower optioned vehicle and add options where necessary.  With their seamless exterior body/module and a warranty that covers corrosion, an Osage is built to survive the Michigan winters.  Osage offers a flexible body design, offering a product range from Medium Duty vehicles to Type II vans. In business since 1985, Osage Ambulance is a family owned and operated business that is dedicated to its customers. Osage is known in the industry for honesty, candor, and having a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals. Kodiak Emergency Vehicles is honored to represent Osage and offer their wide variety of built-to-order, cost effective vehicles.

HME Ahrens-Fox

The power of innovation. The strength of experience. The drive for excellence. As HME Ahrens-Fox moves forward with next generation of innovations, more forward-looking designs, and advanced integrated technologies, it remains true to the legacy, values, strength and quality of its storied heritage.

Ambulance Remounts

Today’s emergency vehicles are designed to far outlive the useful life of their chassis and remounting can save you $20,000 – $50,000 of the cost of a new vehicle.  Kodiak Emergency Vehicles has partnered with the best ambulance remount facility in the world. Their certifications, equipment/facilities, and warranties are unmatched.

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Technimount System

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 4,500 emergency vehicles are involved in accidents on a yearly basis.   Injuries from these crashes can come from unsecured equipment to EMS staff and/or patients.  Having a mounting system that has been successfully tested & certified, taking into account actual device specifications is crucial.  The Technimount products are compliant with the highest industry standards including the new SAE J3043 regulation for impact resistance with an ambulance or emergency vehicle.  Kodiak Emergency Vehicles is proud to offer one of the only tested and certified monitor mounting systems available, meeting the highest quality and safety standards.